Lindsay Lohan - nude in 'Playboy Magazine' (Jan 2012)

Sorry not sorry.

Lindsay was everything.

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Please fire me. I had a customer tell me that his deceased wife’s bill should have been paid off by God when she died. My response? “I apologize sir but we do not receive payments from God.” He did not believe me.

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Jenny Holzer, “Survival Series”

Jenny Holzer, “Survival Series”

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Being good to each other is so important, guys.

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There’s a relationship that’s easy to imagine but actually incorrect: We often come to the conclusion that in order to make something magical, we’ll need magical events to occur to get there.


While your intent is pure and your goal is to create magic, the most common mistake is to believe that the marketplace will agree with your good intent and support you. More specifically, that media intermediaries will clearly, loudly and accurately tell your story, that this story will be heard by an eager and interested public and that the public will take action (three strikes).


You’ll need to work hard to create something magical, and a big part of that hard work is relentlessly eliminating all magical thinking from your projections and your expectations of how the market will react.